Crafts, Computer, Drawing


Chistopher Berry (he/him)

Westbury, New York

Architectural, Computer, Interior

Christopher, or Chris, has been creating art for almost his entire life, leading him to take classes and join arts-based clubs and organizations. He has also gotten the opportunity to teach kids art at the Carousel Day Camp. Chris finds art inspirational and thinks of art as something that lets you express the most vulnerable parts about yourself without using words.

Ki Radcliffe


My name is Ki Radcliffe, and I am an art and environmental science major at the University of Wyoming. I also work as a collections assistant at the UW art museum. I have had my art i two portfolio exchanges, the Abstract magazine, and an exhibit at the University. I also have an upcoming exhibit of prints "Reflection" this fall. Personally I love printmaking I think it has a rich history in its overlap with politics and protests. Working at the museum I have learned a lot about both art history and the behind the scenes of storing and acquiring art.

IMG-4487 - Kiana Radcliffe.jpg

Zara Shipchandler

Katy, Texas 

Drawing, Calligraphy & Flute

Zara believes that art and music have both had a formative influence on her life. She has been practicing both design and music for over six years and participates in various music groups and bands, including Music in Motion. The Arts give Zara a way to escape the stress and hardships life presents, while expressing herself uniquely. Zara is excited to share her experience in Design and Music with the community!