Essays, Narrative, Creative


Lexe Herdrick

Edmonds, Washington


Lexe is the Editor in Chief of her School’s Newspaper and has had her writing published in publications such as Teen Ink. Writing has always been her home; something she can come back to as a source of comfort and security. Lexe believes that sometimes there are things that can only be fully communicated through writing - things that spoken word cannot do justice for- so she thinks it's important for everyone to find their voice in their writing and have that ability to express themselves through prose.

Moira Armstrong

Kent, Ohio

Essay, Speech, Poetry, Fiction

Moira is an NSDA Semifinalist in Original Oratory, holds journalism and poetry publications in several newspapers and magazines, and has profiles in Courage Finalist. Moira is also a Coolidge Scholarship Finalist. Moira says that words have the power to change the world, from the exploration and exposition of important issues in journalism and speechwriting to the personal expression in poetry and fiction--and in these tough times, stories are more important than ever.




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