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Italian, Mandarin

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Josephine Carrannante

Youngstown, Ohio


Josephine has learned both Italian and English from birth and wants to share her grand learning experience of getting to understand the Italian language. She is passionate about Italian because she has had the opportunity of being fluent and adventuring in Italy. She would love to share this opportunity with you! It helped her improve and understand her family’s first language, helping her connect with people around the world.


Isabel Martinez

Westbury, New York


Isabel has learned Spanish as her first language from birth and would like to help others to speak and understand this beautiful language. She is passionate about Spanish because she loves to communicate and work with new people. Isabel has been named Mexican American role model for Nassau county legislature. According to Isabel, it is a pleasure to speak spanish and english both fluently because it gives way to opportunities to help more people in communities that may only speak Spanish.

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