Public Speaking Mentors

Debate, Business Presentation, Speech


Lindsey Shrodek

Youngstown, Ohio

Public Speaking(Debate) Mentor

Lindsey participated in debate for four years and is currently the Vice-President of Speech & Debate at her school. Lindsey learned to research her topics, organize her ideas, and deliver speeches that helped her advocate for others. While completing a project to fight substance abuse, promote childhood literacy, and create an environmental advocacy club, she was confident that her fluency in public speaking could guide her in her journey.

Abraham Paik

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Public Speaking (Debate) Mentor

Abraham is currently ranked #1 in Ohio for Public Forum Debate, is a two-time Tournament of Champions Qualifier, and is a 2019 National Speech and Debate tournament qualifier. Abraham often acts as a role model for other participants of debate at his high school and believes that speech can turn the seemingly mundane into something powerful.

Sanjana Ahmed

New York City, New York

Public Speaking(Mock trial and MUN) Mentor

Sanjana has been General Secretary/President of Model UN and President of her Mock trial team. She has also presented her own research at many science fairs over the course of five years. She believes that her communication skills have been essential to her successes, regardless of the specific field. People often overlook public speaking; however, you can have the best ideas, but if you can't communicate them, they may never come to fruition.

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