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Board of Directors


Kate Li

Youngstown, Ohio

President/Executive Director

Public Speaking & Music

Hi! My name is Kate and I'm a freshman at Case Western Reserve University, majoring in Neuroscience. I founded Empower Expression in 2019 with the vision of helping young students find their voices. I strongly believe that communication is the foundation of life; the most powerful ability given to us is the ability to express our ideas and emotions and to share them with each other. Working with my amazing team here at Empower Expression, I hope to encourage students to follow their passions and use expression to create a positive impact in their communities. 

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Anjali Aggarwal

Levittown, New York


Public Speaking & Writing

Hello! I'm Anjali and I'm a freshman at Northeastern University majoring in Economics and Business Administration. I co-founded Empower Expression alongside Kate in 2019 and have since enjoyed working to create an environment that encourages communication and community-building for all students. Throughout high school, I aimed to overcome anxiety through business and the arts. Since then, I've placed in a variety of business competitions and have embraced music, poetry, and writing. You might not know how to express how you're feeling all the time, and that's okay. In my experience, I've found that your art can say it all.


Nicholas Espinosa

Westbury, New York



Nicholas is a high school junior who has always been intrigued by other languages and cultures. He is bilingual because he learned both English and Spanish at a young age. He won a gold medal in Le Grands Concours, a national French exam, making him an exemplary student in his French class.

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Katelyn Diaz

Westbury, New York

Social Media Director

Hi! My name is Katelyn Diaz and I am a rising senior from W. Tresper Clarke High School. From business competitions to the basketball court, you can find me working hard, but on the sidelines, I work with Empower Expression to create exceptional posts on social media. As Social Media Director of Empower Expression, I manage all of Empower Expression's accounts. This job has allowed me to network with so many people, and challenge myself beyond what I thought I could accomplish. In essence Empower Expression, its team, and their impact will always hold a special place in my heart.