Join Our Team

Become a  Mentor

1:1 mentoring is a major component of Empower Expression. We want to find motivated young adults who will form meaningful relationships with mentees, encouraging passion for the Arts of Communication. If this sounds like you, please sign up to be one of our EE Mentors using the link below!

Mentor a Cohort of Mentees

If you are unable to commit to a 1:1 mentoring schedule, perhaps you would prefer to work with a group of mentees for a short period, still allowing you to share your passion for the Arts of Communication. We will be rolling out our Cohort Mentoring Programs later this year!

Become a Brand Ambassador

We seek high school students, who are at least 15 years old, to represent us in their local community. If you would like to gain marketing experience, please consider becoming an EE Brand Ambassador, allowing you to help us grow our organization!

Form a State Chapter

In order to help more people express themselves confidently, we realize the need to work with dedicated leaders of EE State Chapters, who target smaller audiences with events and mentoring opportunities. If you would like to found an EE State Chapter, please email