#UseYourVoice Art Collection

We opened up an opportunity to submit a writing piece, short film/video, series of photographs, or music piece to our #UseYourVoice Art Collection to bring attention to issues you are passionate about!

March 25, 2022
11:55 pm

Send Your Love Music Event

As a show of appreciation for healthcare workers in the time of the pandemic, Empower Expression held the Send Your Love Music Event!

February 2021
5:24 am

Guitar Giveaway

To improve accessibility in the Arts of Communication, Empower Expression gave away a FREE Ibanez PF5CEMS Acoustic Guitar!

October 2020
5:24 am

Spotlight Design Contest

We hosted a Spotlight Design Contest to give students the opportunity to design a t-shirt/hoodie using our new logo

November 2020
5:24 am

English Mentoring Program: Partnership with Bluniverse Foreign Language School

In 2020, we partnered with the Bluniverse Foreign Language School in China on a five-week English Mentoring Program.

August 2020
5:24 am

Virtual June Invitational Debate with Triumph Debate

In collaboration with Triumph Debate, Empower Expression worked on a practice tournament for the NSDA National Debate and for students

June 5, 2021
4:18 am

SpeakfortheArts Online Debate Tournament

In helping students prepare for the NSDA Nationals debate tournament, Empower Expression hosted a #SpeakForTheArts Online Debate Tournament for high school students and alumni.

June 6-7, 2020
4:13 am