Who We Are

Empower Expression is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers free, personalized guidance in the Arts of Communication. Our team of dedicated mentors meet with participants over the video-calling platform Google Meets. During these video-calling sessions, mentors assist the participants in achieving goals or refining skills in their respective cubjects.

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Our Motivation

With social media platforms rising in popularity, children and young adults are constantly subject to harsh criticism from others and from themselves. Artificial expectations can immensely drain self-confidence and create unnecessary stress. Moreover, the transition to online messaging has lead to increased social anxiety and a lack of communication skills. The ability to publicly speak, learn new languages, and freely express individuality can build confidence in oneself and improve communication skills.


Our Purpose

We seek to encourage expression that fosters self-confidence and communication skills.

Participation in the arts is critical in enhancing creativity, improving emotional expression, and providing an avenue to explore interests outside of strict curriculums. Empower Expression aspires to achieve two main goals: to encourage engagement in the Arts of Communication and provide a resource for those aiming to improve their skills in the Arts.

Support in the Arts, such as private music lessons, can be monetarily straining to sustain practice. By providing free fine arts instruction, we seek to eliminate any cost barriers.


Why is Empower Expression unique?

Unlike other personalized resources, Empower Expression is a free mentorship program that connects students to students. 

This offers a variety of unique benefits:

First, our mentors are intimately acquainted with the nuances of the learning process, having recently experienced it themselves. They are able to direct mentees to emerging opportunities and resources they have discovered in their own search. 

Second, instead of mandating competitions or basing progress on a grading scale, Empower Expression's instruction is guided solely by whatever projects and goals the mentee feels will help him or her the most.

Third, the narrow age-gap between mentor and mentee can cultivate closer relationships and a more relaxed, comfortable learning environment for the mentee.

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How it Works

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